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Sleeping With the Enemy.

Romance Thriller 1991.

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Predictable suspense exercise about an abused woman who flees her psychotic husband and takes up with a college drama professor, only to have her obsessive spouse turn up to deliver more torment. Much of the film is a calculated series of dreary melodramatic setups for a final revenge catharsis that's more of a relief to the moviegoer than it is surprising or frightening.

Rated R

Cast and Credits.
Joseph P. Lucky (Art Director)
Jerry Goldsmith (Music)
Richard Hornung (Costumes)
Ronald Bass (Writer)
Joseph Ruben (Director)
George Bowers (Editor)
Leonard Goldberg (Producer)
Lee Poll (Set Decoration)
Jeffrey Chernov (Executive Producer)
Doug Kraner (Production Designer)
C. Tad Devlin (Associate Producer)
Michael E. Steele (Associate Producer)
John W Lindley (Cinematographer)
Julia Roberts (Actor)

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