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 I'm glad you had enough patience to reach the page itself. Look at the menu to the left: as you see, I have got a lot of things to share, so please enjoy your time here, on The Unofficial Julia Roberts Fan Page. Oh, and I guess, you have already bookmarked it, right?  There's one more thing - as I'm the biggest Julia Roberts fan in Russia, and as I've put so many stuff here, on the page, you can take it all and put to your home page. It's up to you whether you put a link to my page or not. But I'd prefer if you put a link. You will do me a favor if you tell your friends about my home page, I hope some day Julia Roberts will be the most famous woman on the planet and there will be many more fans of Julia Roberts, and I think fan pages like mine will stimulate this process. 

Thanks to Dieter Schulz (from Germany) for DVD pictures from films the Run Away Bride and Notting Hill.

Julia Roberts

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Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman (Lyrics)

pretty woman, walking down the street
pretty woman, the kind I like to meet
pretty woman
I don't believe you, you're not the truth
no one could look as good as you
pretty woman, won't you pardon me
pretty woman, I couldn't help but see
pretty woman
that you look lovely as can be are you lonely just like me
pretty woman, stop awhile
pretty woman, talk awhile
pretty woman, give your smile to me
pretty woman, yea yea yea
pretty woman, look my way
pretty woman, say you'll stay with me
'cause I need you, I'll treat you right come with me baby, be mine tonight

pretty woman, don't walk on by
pretty woman, don't make me cry
pretty woman
don't walk away, hey
if that's the way it must be, ok I guess I'll go on home, it's late there'll be tomorrow
night, but wait what do I see
is she walking back to me yea, she's walking back to me oh, oh, pretty woman

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