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The Player.

Thriller 1992.

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If Sunset Boulevard is the Hollywood movie of the Golden Age, then The Player is the ultimate movie about movies of the modern era. Wickedly funny, with a rousing cast including 65 film luminaries playing themselves (see if you can find them all), the script about a murdered screenwriter is filled with knowing references and acerbic exchanges. The good news is that the film is not so inside that it can't be enjoyed by everyone. It is a mystery with a twist that looks terrific, is wonderfully acted, and is brilliantly directed by a man who skewers the Hollywood that has often done him wrong. Written by Michael Tolkin from his cult novel, he also appears with his brother Stephen as a filmmaking duo.

Cast and Credits.
Robert Altman (Director)
John Cusack (Actor)
Anjelica Huston (Actor)
Bruce Willis (Actor)
Jack Lemmon (Actor)
Jeff Goldblum (Actor)
Nick Nolte (Actor)
Whoopi Goldberg (Actor)
Julia Roberts (Actor)
Malcolm McDowell (Actor)
Peter Gallagher (Actor)
Andie MacDowell (Actor)
Sydney Pollack (Actor)
null Cher (Actor)
Burt Reynolds (Actor)
Tim Robbins (Actor)
Susan Sarandon (Actor)
Dean Stockwell (Actor)
Dennis Franz (Actor)

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